Welcome to my ePortfolio

This is an ePortfolio website devised for a Human performance improvement(HPI) campaign.

I developed this HPI  campaign based on the core course Human Performance Technology at the Concordia University. This project aims to improve teacher work performance in an ESL training school the “W”.  The purpose of this project is to improve the work environment and increase teacher retention rate in the “W”.

There are three parts in the HPI campaign profile which are: the performance needs assessment, the high level design and the detailed design.

I enjoyed developing this project and, throughout the entire process, I have had a better understanding about human performance technology. This is not only a subject just serviced for educational field but also affected dramatically in many other fields involving but not limited in business management, project management, human resources management and so on.

I wish you could enjoy viewing this ePortfolio and if you have any questions, please do not feel hesitate to contact me. You could leave a comment on the pages and I will reply you as soon as possible. Also, you could send e-mail to me for detailed information.

Thank you for visiting my ePortfolio website.