Performance Needs Assessment

Generally, develop a Performance Needs Assessment is the initial part of developing a completed Human Performance Improvement Campaign. A good PNA is able to provide use sufficient background of this project, analyze the problem from various perspective, propose the Job One and identify the business needs to help us focus on what we should insist throughout the campaign.

This PNA report aims to state the need of a series of intervention to be held in the “W” ESL Training School. This project was requested by the director of the “W” ESL Training School Mr. Chen as the solution for the high transferring rate of teachers in the “W”. This report provides the description of the actual performance and the ideal one, identify tasks and objectives, specific demographics among different performers and constrains of the project. Analysis of the causes in depth will be addressed, as well as a summative evaluation system (see the appendix). The business need of this project is based on sponsor’s request by analyzing the current performance and the job one is serviced for obtaining the business need.

You could view the PNA report by clicking this link: